We love the products & prices at CDRKING but catalog products are out of stock!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


CDR King is growing fast with new varied products which customers love. With new electronic cameras, larger drives for mp4, computer phones, and now even batteries for nokia cell phones (now mostly out of stock but still shown in the online catalog) it shows there is a huge demand for these products at reasonable prices! Keep up the great product line expansion and great prices. And the website is excellent but ordering online should be provided! And the instant chats with technicians are good but the inventory and stock availability is so old fashioned for a modern tech selling firm like CDRKING.

I was very surprised that it seemed three people were trying to take inventory by writing stock down by hand. And it took over three people and it did not seem they were finding the stock easily. With todays hand held scanners very cheap from china, and CDR-King SM Cebu even having a computer, it would seem an easy process to get all your stock into the computer by bar code and then Taiwan would know their stock daily as the cashier scans all products as sold and also when the monthly inventory is done, each item scanned once and quickly would make the inventory over in an hour or so by one person rather than three people who seemed to be having problems reconciling the inventory.

Why not put all of your stock online with a searchable index to find out what stores presently have which items in stock rather than wasting a non speaking english worker who is not online often anyways?

And why not let customers order right online and pay online like ebay,ph and sulit.com.ph/ do so your stock could be shipped all over the Philppines rather than wasting customers time standing inline? Have an ebay store like many other businesses do and then you can be rated online as to your service and merchandise?

For example the wireless routers are a big item in demand, including the N wireless routers and you have been out of stock for almost a year. With a scanner inventory you could cut down on wasted workers who make many errors and deliver immediate service to customers to avoid the bad reputation that CDRKing is developing in customer service and inventory. See online references to read more about the present CDRKing business model at http://cdrkingph.blogspot.com/2009/06/cd-r-king-victims-of-abusive-suplado.html

and http://cdrkingph.blogspot.com/2009/06/cd-r-king-hopeless-customer-service.html

And the check out process is painfully slow wasting your staff time putting individual stickers on each item and attaching warranties when it all could be printed out high tech at checkout!

Inventory is now a major problem for the stores and many of the items advertised online products not available and the long waits at the store to find this out are useless! And when you contact the stock checkers online they can't even speak English! With so many workers out of work and can speak English, I wonder how the employees are hired?

And why not put the employees on contract so there is a change over every 5 months to avoid many employees getting bad habits as discussed in many newsgroups online!
With CDR-King doing a landslide business, modern customer service without a 30min to 2 hour wait; electronic scanner check out and sanner inventory may be a worthwhile investment to handle double the number of customers you handle now. And Taiwan would know daily its sales and inventory at each location.

But the process of waiting on customers needs to be closely examined to eliminate this over 2 hour wait for service at SM Cebu. The U shaped layout makes for lots of walking for the clerks to get different stocks, then having to handwrite each receipt is a wasteful exercise when a computer monitor with scanner could cut this process to seconds and printer. Then they have to put a sticker on each item that is covered by warranty which is also could be printed on stickers by the computer printer at the same time the price scan is done and then the sticker could be stuck on the packaging rather than the inside item.

For cds and dvd blanks, if no other store merchandise was wanted, a separate clerk could do this entirely in a separate line. Finally the cashier could be placed near the door and merchandise desired along with the printed receipt the clerk prints could be put in the customers tray and as he exits he pays for what is on his receipt to the cashier, or the cashier could even scan the merchandise herself at the register making the whole process much faster, allowing CDR King to make many more sales and also customers much happier smile. I hope that serious thought can be made of the CDR King SM Cebu ordering process can be made and some improvements made very soon as over two hour waits are not accepted to even a CDR King devotee like myself.

I hope that CDR King will meet the challenge as its sales outstrip the capacity to sell smile.

  • Jose Farrugia

    I’m not saying that I should be treated like a V.I.P However, CD-R King fails to prove customers the quality they deserve. You don’t expect a customer to wait for an hour just for a bundle of blank DVDs. Come on! If you’re willing to wait that long then you have nothing else to do in your life. Moreover, the sales representatives fail to show respect to customers especially when dealing with them. Do you think I’ll be at fault if I don’t return my respect. I doubt.

Read the Cebu bloggers concerns click this link CD-R King: Trashiest Service Ever!

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Shiene Lopez said...

In this place we can buy gadget what we want, but the experience of my friend in this store I must say it is a worst experience. When she search about a gadget online, CD-R King website shows that gadget. But when she goes to the store the first sales lady said yes and the other said no they don't have that kind of gadget. I think the staff of CD-R king didn't treat their customer right and they not train well about the gadget what they have.

Shiene | shopping malls philippines

July 18, 2012 at 1:53 AM

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