Take mobile e-commerce seriously, CDR King is not selling online why?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

From the Cebu Sunstar:  The growth of peer-to-peer or person-to-person trading sites like Sulit.com.ph, AyosDito.ph, 88db.com.ph, OLX.com.ph, Multiply.com, eBay.ph, among others, has allowed Filipinos from all the country to trade with each other. As you can scan through the various payment options, Globe GCash and Smart Money are in majority of these seller pages.

Anyone who has not looked into these two payment platforms in the past should think again. With mobile broadband becoming affordable and a growing number of Pinoys surfing through the mobile phone, there is a new opportunity to market and position the selling of product or service focusing on this growing user segment.

Globe GCash Glick (https:/ gcashclick.delbrosonline.net/), in partnership with courier company Delbros, now allows online sellers and buyers to trade with each other with ease. The system ensures buyers and sellers that a product ordered is received in good condition and in accordance with what was indicated online. In addition, payment is already secured prior to shipment, allowing proper transfer of funds after the delivery process.  Continue reading here http://www.sunstar.com.ph/cebu/toral-take-mobile-e-commerce-seriously

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Business trend slowly shifts to online selling

Sunday, December 6, 2009

My comment:  But major players like SM, Ayala, Metro, Robinsons, Island Souvenirs, CDR King and many others haven't seen the light yet in my opinion and missing a major business low cost opportunity 

China's online sales soar in Jan-Sept: govt (wonder why no news like this in Philippines?)

Philippine Star CEBU, Philippines - Despite lots of business spaces now made available around the city, the advent of the internet has made online selling now the fast growing trend in the business community.

This is due to the free advertising and no need to pay for space rentals said Tina Tan, an online business seller who sells ready-to-wear clothes and accessories through the web.

Tan said that doing business online has become very popular and since the budding of social networking sites, it makes their jobs easier and gives them a chance to have a wider market.
According to Tan, business through online is very easy especially for those that have other things to do like students like her.

She said that all they have to do is add as many contacts as they can, preferably people they know so that they would not be scammed, and immediately they have instant customers.

Val Carla Vergara, a new online business player, said that she shifted to online selling because it is a new strategy for small business players like her who wants extra income but does not need to invest on a huge capital.

Vergara said that there are so many small business players that are using the net right now for their businesses but the competition does not worry her despite having the same kinds of products like RTW’s, accessories, and toys.

She said that just like any other kind of business, it depends on the marketing strategy of the online shop owner.

Vergara explained that she sells her products cheaper than those sold in malls and she puts the difference of the prices in her site so that the customers would be able to see how much money they will be saving if they buy it from her.

She said that unlike stores in malls and also from other online entrepreneurs who has fixed prices, she lowers her prices if the customers ask for a discount and she also does this if her clients buy three or more products.

But according to some like Armida Aguilar, a college student, the pictures are not enough for her to buy a product online. Aguilar said that despite online selling becoming a fad today and saves the shoppers time from going around places looking for clothes, she still chooses to go the conventional way pf shopping because she wants to make sure that she the quality is worth the money she is paying.  Continue reading here http://www.philstar.com/Article.aspx?articleId=530097&publicationSubCategoryId=108

Europe vows to liberate online shopping, what about shopping online in the Philippines?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My comment:  Here is the Philippines the merchants are losing a valuable opportunity to sell online as few do such a business.  There is an increasing number getting online everyday and its a cheap way of advertising too.  Even stores like CDR King which is always out of many items, would be an excellent candidate for such an expansion with pent up demand all over the country.  And Island Souvenirs also does not seem to recognize the world wide potential of such world wide sales.  And the Hong Merchants who sell on ebay should open a local stocking outlet since the non brand batteries cell batteries sold in country are mostly junk and don’t last good like the original brand and yet my experience from USA and Hong Kong batteries off brand, they are just as good and even if you can ever find any batteries in stock for your cell at CDRKing they are good not like the off brands sold at the stalls you find everywhere here in the Philippines.  And there are lots of other items that would be easier to sell online with good delivery services like LBC, DHL and others here in country. Payment remains a sticking point so meet ups still might be the best way or payment after receipt like Globe is now offering although I don’t know how well it works.  But if its a big reliable company it should be easy.  Why not even sell LCD TVs online for local pickup from SM Appliances or Robinsons or Abensons?

We love the products & prices at CDRKING but catalog products are out of stock!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


CDR King is growing fast with new varied products which customers love. With new electronic cameras, larger drives for mp4, computer phones, and now even batteries for nokia cell phones (now mostly out of stock but still shown in the online catalog) it shows there is a huge demand for these products at reasonable prices! Keep up the great product line expansion and great prices. And the website is excellent but ordering online should be provided! And the instant chats with technicians are good but the inventory and stock availability is so old fashioned for a modern tech selling firm like CDRKING.

I was very surprised that it seemed three people were trying to take inventory by writing stock down by hand. And it took over three people and it did not seem they were finding the stock easily. With todays hand held scanners very cheap from china, and CDR-King SM Cebu even having a computer, it would seem an easy process to get all your stock into the computer by bar code and then Taiwan would know their stock daily as the cashier scans all products as sold and also when the monthly inventory is done, each item scanned once and quickly would make the inventory over in an hour or so by one person rather than three people who seemed to be having problems reconciling the inventory.

Why not put all of your stock online with a searchable index to find out what stores presently have which items in stock rather than wasting a non speaking english worker who is not online often anyways?

And why not let customers order right online and pay online like ebay,ph and sulit.com.ph/ do so your stock could be shipped all over the Philppines rather than wasting customers time standing inline? Have an ebay store like many other businesses do and then you can be rated online as to your service and merchandise?

For example the wireless routers are a big item in demand, including the N wireless routers and you have been out of stock for almost a year. With a scanner inventory you could cut down on wasted workers who make many errors and deliver immediate service to customers to avoid the bad reputation that CDRKing is developing in customer service and inventory. See online references to read more about the present CDRKing business model at http://cdrkingph.blogspot.com/2009/06/cd-r-king-victims-of-abusive-suplado.html

and http://cdrkingph.blogspot.com/2009/06/cd-r-king-hopeless-customer-service.html

And the check out process is painfully slow wasting your staff time putting individual stickers on each item and attaching warranties when it all could be printed out high tech at checkout!

Inventory is now a major problem for the stores and many of the items advertised online products not available and the long waits at the store to find this out are useless! And when you contact the stock checkers online they can't even speak English! With so many workers out of work and can speak English, I wonder how the employees are hired?

And why not put the employees on contract so there is a change over every 5 months to avoid many employees getting bad habits as discussed in many newsgroups online!
With CDR-King doing a landslide business, modern customer service without a 30min to 2 hour wait; electronic scanner check out and sanner inventory may be a worthwhile investment to handle double the number of customers you handle now. And Taiwan would know daily its sales and inventory at each location.

But the process of waiting on customers needs to be closely examined to eliminate this over 2 hour wait for service at SM Cebu. The U shaped layout makes for lots of walking for the clerks to get different stocks, then having to handwrite each receipt is a wasteful exercise when a computer monitor with scanner could cut this process to seconds and printer. Then they have to put a sticker on each item that is covered by warranty which is also could be printed on stickers by the computer printer at the same time the price scan is done and then the sticker could be stuck on the packaging rather than the inside item.

For cds and dvd blanks, if no other store merchandise was wanted, a separate clerk could do this entirely in a separate line. Finally the cashier could be placed near the door and merchandise desired along with the printed receipt the clerk prints could be put in the customers tray and as he exits he pays for what is on his receipt to the cashier, or the cashier could even scan the merchandise herself at the register making the whole process much faster, allowing CDR King to make many more sales and also customers much happier smile. I hope that serious thought can be made of the CDR King SM Cebu ordering process can be made and some improvements made very soon as over two hour waits are not accepted to even a CDR King devotee like myself.

I hope that CDR King will meet the challenge as its sales outstrip the capacity to sell smile.

  • Jose Farrugia

    I’m not saying that I should be treated like a V.I.P However, CD-R King fails to prove customers the quality they deserve. You don’t expect a customer to wait for an hour just for a bundle of blank DVDs. Come on! If you’re willing to wait that long then you have nothing else to do in your life. Moreover, the sales representatives fail to show respect to customers especially when dealing with them. Do you think I’ll be at fault if I don’t return my respect. I doubt.

Read the Cebu bloggers concerns click this link CD-R King: Trashiest Service Ever!

CD-R King Victims Of Abusive & Suplado Salesladies blog

CD-R King Victims Of Abusive & Suplado Salesladies

Basic Info

Everyone has had their own personal CD-R King experiences. A typical CD-R King experience is characterized by a long line plus salesladies who treat you like shit.

Share your very own CD-R King experiences here!

Yes, they sell items that are dirt cheap, but does this give them the right to take our hard earned money and treat us like crap?

CD-R King: Trashiest Service Ever!

Mary Ann wrote at 7:27am on May 30th, 2009
Thess of CDR-King SM Centerpoint is the worst saleslady I've ever encountered.
We were next in line, then she noticed that my sister was beside me (we were chatting). She glared at us and said in a loud voice that the line's on her left. Everyone knows that; they had a big poster that instructs customers where to fall in line, but apparently she's thinking that my sister is starting another line. We were pissed off. First of all, we're paying customers, and what she earns come from people like us. So we glared back at her. When I got my item, I grabbed it and said to her, in my calmest voice, "By the way, you should learn some customer service." Then we walked out.

And omg, they're all feeling magaganda!

Francis wrote at 2:38am on June 28th, 2009
just came from their vmall branch. i didnt buy anything, my brand wasnt available. may inabutan akong nakapila na babae, nagiinquire about SD cards. she had a few questions and wanted to see some of the items in stock. the saleslady mumbled "hay naku"... the customer heard her and said "anong hay naku? bakit nagha-hay naku ka?" the saleslady played dumb and placed the items on the counter and assisted her. this happens everyday at any given branch. mix poor quality products, less than tech-savvy customers and sales crew who have no ettiquette. it will always be an unpleasant experience. yet you put up with all that to save money...

Diego wrote at 10:54am on June 27th, 2009
Buying cd's there is torture waiting a long time and not getting served properly.

Cabigting wrote at 6:33pm on May 25th, 2009
ahahahaha.. this is the worse establishment ever.. ang dami nila branch! pero di nila mapa automate ung mga transaction! MEN! buti pa ung nagtitinda ng lugaw sa labas ng mall.. may cash registry! sila WALA! ampepepepepepepepepepe! ung may ari ng franchise nito mahiya ka sa sarili mo! ang kuripot mo! nyeta ka!

Wayne wrote at 8:41pm on May 12th, 2009
they lack training for customer service. ang mga bwisit kung badtrip kayo sa trabaho nyo e mag resign na kayo! per dito sa bacolod not so much yung pag susuplada ng mga sales ladies. ang nakakabatrip lang dito sa robinsons place bacolod branch e hindi namansin kaagad ang mga empleyado nila at hindi marunong mag smile. so far wala pa naman akong badtrip na experience since they opened their store sa bacolod pero wag nila akong susubukan.

CDRKing http://www.cdrking.com/

CD-R King: Hopeless Customer Service

Blog reviews of CDRKing Philippines


Most of us here in the Philippines definitely have heard of CD-R King, a CD/DVD and computer hardware store located in most shopping centres and malls throughout the nation. The store has become quite popular to the average consumer when it comes to the purchase of blank CD/DVDs. What I don’t understand is how a typical person can endure the long waiting lines and crowded small stores in order to get what they want. Imagine waiting in line for roughly 30 minutes! Furthermore, the priority system is mismanaged and disorganized. The management should have designed two priority systems, one catered to the sale of blank media, these are the CD/DVDs, the other to the sale of hardware and accessories.

Here’s what I experienced with one of the CD-R King stores in Cebu, I’m talking about the SM Cebu City branch. A few weeks ago I walked in the store and grabbed a priority number. I headed towards the CD/DVD section. At that time we were all packed and squashed inside the store. I had a hard time moving around and I can clearly remember repeating the usual phrase,”Excuse Me” a number of times. I reached the “desk” and I noticed that there were only a few more numbers before mine. So I patiently waited for ten minutes. Once my number was called I gladly gave my priority number to the sales girl, only to find out that my number was from the second batch. Wait, there are two batches? They told me I had to wait for the first batch to end. In other words I had to wait for an additional one hundred priority numbers before mine would be called. Why in the world would you make a customer wait so long?

As a dissatisfied customer I complained to these group of “ya-ya” (typical Filipino term for sloppy) sales girls. Of course when I usually converse, I use my mother tongue, English (I can barely speak Cebuano dialect). Can you imagine that one of the sales girls questioned me asking why I was speaking English (What they didn’t know was that I can grasp a little bit of Cebuano, so I understood what she said). With that, I threw my priority number on the “desk” and left the store.

To summarize things up:

  • CD-R King has poor management skills
  • They employee uneducated store personnel – Disrespectful, rude and impolite
  • Long lines at all CD-R King Stores, thus, making the customer wait (Business 101 – Never let the customer wait)

Here’s an honest comment for CD-R King as I know someone from the company will be visiting this blog post as I just sent them a customer complaint:

You just lost a customer (I was planning to spend P200). Moreover, you created a horrible image of your company. Oh, another thing. Fix your FUCKING priority system. Don’t expect to make your customers wait long! Go back and learn the basics of business ethics.


Ito ang nCache ng http://www.mangochico.com/cd-r-king-hopeless-customer-service/ ng Google. Isa itong snapshot ng pahina bilang paglitaw nito sa 29 Hun 2009 19:19:57 GMT. Ang kasalukuyang pahina ay maaaring nagbago sa pansamantala. Dagdagan ang nalalaman

click here to see the original blogger entry if google still has online

And here are some of the comments people made to this posting


Which CD-R King stores are talking about? And I still haven’t received a reply from CD-R King’s customer support regarding my complaint. How pathetic!

Kelvin Yu says:

you are not alone! join our anti cdrking group!


Oneofthenumerousunsatisfiedcustomer says:

Last 16 January 2009 i purchased a USB WiFi Adapter for my desktop i waited for quite sometime (30 mins or more) when my turn came…I ask for the saleslady if they have an available USB adapter…she recommends the one with a brand name ENCORE….i was surprised that is more cheaper with the one i saw in another store so i hurriedly bought it…and i presume i had a good buy for my adapter…so i installed the purchase adapter right away when i got home…but to find out its not getting any signal…so the following day (17 Jan) i went to my personal Technical support to install and have it check…he says am not getting any signal from our WiFi. Disgusted and tired i went back at CD-R King SM clark where i bought it. Again i waited for more than 45 mins to get my turn…As i was attended by the saleslady then she said you could have go directly to our Technical support for your replacement…i said…you were to busy to attend to me because its not yet my priority number! To make it short i went to their technical support to have my USB WiFi adapter check they too find out that its not getting any signal…afterwhich, i demand for a refund…the Asst Branch Head said it is not possible because its not in their policy to refund…but i insisted because this is not what i paid for…i dont want to undergo again the same procedure of waiting for centuries again…after 1 hour of deliberation and arguments the Asst. Branch head conceded and refund my money…(thanks God!)

TinTel says:

I’ve done business with most CDR King branches in Manila and I have to say that customer service is not one of their strongest points. Some sales clerks make you feel like you owe them because they attended to you. Parang utang na loob ko pa na benentahan ako! Not a few disgruntled customers leave the store in a huff, and they don’t look like they care. A few lost customers won’t affect them; in fact it would make their lives easier. And their queuing system? Imagine having to stand in line for half an hour only to be told that they don’t have the item you want. You think of asking first before queuing but no one pays attention to you if you’re not in line. You ask if they have it in other branches, and they look at you like you’re crazy for thinking they would actually help you find out.

Kenneth says:

The same situation in two CD-R king stores here in Pampanga. Bitchy salesladies, poor service, disgusting management. I don’t buy any of their crap anymore!

hater says:

I have recently encountered a problem with the Wi-Fi router I bought from CD-R King. Apparently, they have a special hotline for those having problems with the installation of the said router.

So I called the wireless assistance [(02) 666-4567] they posted on their website. I was on my best behaviour, I swear I was. The guy on the other line did not even ask for my name, isn’t that a protocol? So there, whatever, he made me do all of this stuff with my modem, laptop and wireless router wires. After some time, I have noticed the change on the tone of his voice. A somewhat annoying, and impatient tone that really ticked me off. I swear, ang bastos. Sarcastic pa ‘yung pagkaka-instruct. Alright, given that, I don’t know anything much about computers and I really need some special instructions, hindi naman reason ‘yun not to be patient diba? At as a Customer Service hotline person hindi ka dapat maging rude or magpakita ng kahit anong sign ng impatience toward the customer. Ang bastos kasi eh, alam mo yun.

Mahal ba bumili ng manners? Mahirap bang magsabi ng ‘po’ at ‘opo’? They have the poorest service. Kung ikukumpara mo sa ibang computer gadget stores, sa kanila ang may pinaka bastos na crew and, what? Pinaka walang kwenta? Ang sad, sana kumuha man lang sila ng mga taong may manners.

One more thing, I have also experienced the poor service of their stores. Hindi lang ‘yung sa service hotline. I have watched them make chismis of their boyfriends while watching a line of 5 people. How pathetic is that?

(02) 666-4567 yung number ng hotline
Nino – name ng nambastos na person
and he has this supervisor who’s as stupid as him.

I hope they all get their Karma someday.


Ica says:

I always have a terrible time whenever I drop by cd-r king. I mean, damn, they can totally zap all your free time by making you queue in their cramped weeny space. It has always been like that no matter which branch I visit (SM Manila, Robinsons Place, etc). If not for their cheap products, I’d seriously give them some ass kicking.

And talk about rude personnel! They argue by telling you that this or that customer got there first. But how the hell would they know who got in first considering their mismanaged system of attending to customers (and again, their cramped space)?

That’s why I always give serious tongue lashing to every cd-r king employee who attend to me.

charmaine says:

duuuh cd r king suckz! i have so many bad experience with them… and now i said to myself i will never ever buy on cd r king!

juliepoy says:

CDR-King’ s sucks big time! Lousy sales lady plus cheap products but most don’t last long. I had bought 2-3 optical mouse from them that lasted usually for only for 3-5 months. Speaker lasted for 1 month. No wonder they have such short warranty period.

I was also thinking– they are selling technology but where is technology in their management and inventory system.

Gambit says:

I totally agree. although CDR King has great prices, their service really leaves something to be desired. And every one I talked to who has visited the stores have the exact same opinions (queues, rude salespersons.) seems they don’t mind losing a few customers since their queues are always long. this is true for most (every?) CDR King store I’ve visited.

Every time I pass by one of their stores (I rarely buy anything anymore from them unless I really need to) I fervently hope that another company offering similar products (but has better service) pops up and gives CDR King a run for their money.

albert says:

this blog/article/whatever its called, should be published in public places so that they will learn from ther stupid service.

note: if you want to be the first customer, go there exactly when SM city cebu opens (around 10am) ^_^

It depends if you were speaking to them in English. They tend to get pissed off with English-speaking customers.