Europe vows to liberate online shopping, what about shopping online in the Philippines?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My comment:  Here is the Philippines the merchants are losing a valuable opportunity to sell online as few do such a business.  There is an increasing number getting online everyday and its a cheap way of advertising too.  Even stores like CDR King which is always out of many items, would be an excellent candidate for such an expansion with pent up demand all over the country.  And Island Souvenirs also does not seem to recognize the world wide potential of such world wide sales.  And the Hong Merchants who sell on ebay should open a local stocking outlet since the non brand batteries cell batteries sold in country are mostly junk and don’t last good like the original brand and yet my experience from USA and Hong Kong batteries off brand, they are just as good and even if you can ever find any batteries in stock for your cell at CDRKing they are good not like the off brands sold at the stalls you find everywhere here in the Philippines.  And there are lots of other items that would be easier to sell online with good delivery services like LBC, DHL and others here in country. Payment remains a sticking point so meet ups still might be the best way or payment after receipt like Globe is now offering although I don’t know how well it works.  But if its a big reliable company it should be easy.  Why not even sell LCD TVs online for local pickup from SM Appliances or Robinsons or Abensons?


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